We are a husband and wife team based in Brooklyn. We're originally from Turkey and we immigrated to NY after winning a green card lottery back in 2014 and as of 2020 we're proud to be naturalizing and becoming Turkish-Americans. Both of us studied engineering and had corporate jobs for over 5 years before we decided to quit and pursue a creative life style.

We're Zeynep and Erdem, a couple that strangely likes to be together all the time, we mean it. We own and operate a studio and a retail shop in Red Hook / Brooklyn and our life is pretty much all about work except short coffee breaks every now and then.

We started our business the same month we landed in NY back in 2014 after renting a tiny studio space in the heart of famously industrialized Red Hook. Even though we wanted to make and sell our own designs from the get go, it took us years to figure certain things out. We've been working with successful designers and makers for a living for many years and contributed to many of them achieving their design/production goals as their production partners, which turned out to be a rewarding observation period for us.

Even though we've been making and selling things on Etsy as a side hustle for many years ,like many other fellow makers March 2020 has been a turning point for us where we were forced to stop doing fabrication work and pursue our own creativity.

Home décor has always been a passion of ours but we never knew what to do with that. It took us a pandemic to figure out how to turn our ideas and knowledge to products that are within reach and actually sell well and create value.

Our work mostly rely on instinct but we're also good at doing our homework in terms of material research ,good craft, simplicity and value

If there's a better way to do something we'll go out of our way and do it.

You can visit our work shop in person. Here in our store we display our entire line and some other products made by local fellow artisans, as well as small vintage finds. 

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail: 

info@polt.com or hi@zeynny.com


Etsy: zeynny.etsy.com

Workshop - Appointment only

390 Van Brunt St Brooklyn NY 11231  ( Polt Atolye ) 


- Zeynep and Erdem E.